Sunday, October 14, 2012

House Address Numbers Makeover

So, since we moved in over 3 years ago, I haven't been crazy about the house numbers. For one, they were a bit plain, but more then that, they are hard to see... especially at night.
We don't have numbers on our mailbox yet (Yes I said 'yet'. I know, I know.), so people rely one the house numbers to find our house. When giving directions, I always had to tell people what the house looked like, following it up with the comment"the house numbers are hard to see."
Before: Hard To See

Time to fix that problem. I looked for clever ideas online and found a few, but most of the ideas used a bigger craft budget than I have. I finally thought of what we would do. using stuff we had at the house already.

Here's what I gathered:
pizza box
masking tape
cotton balls
metallic spray paint
the original house numbers

Clean the numbers with alcohol. Not sure if it was terribly necessary but thought it couldn't hurt.

Cut masking tape into thin strips and tape design onto house numbers. The 5 was tricky, because of the curves. Those of you with 1's, 4's and 7's in your address... be thankful. ☺

I saw that the screws were rusty, so decided they needed paint too.

If yours are the same, or if you're just a fan of coordinated screws, poke the screws into the box. This prevents the threads from getting paint in them. I thought about just screwing them into the numbers before painting, but this way you can be sure they don't get stuck to the number with the paint.

Spray! Spray a second coat if needed. I used the Krylon Outdoor Hammered Finish in a bronze color. I had this already at the house from a project I did a few years ago.

Peel off the masking tape. Hang and admire!

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