Thursday, January 31, 2013

Counting 1000 Blessings - January 2013

This year I started a little something called 1000 gifts, also known as the Joy Dare. Among other new things I started this January, I'm counting to 1000 blessings in the year 2013. I decided to make it a photo-journal which you can follow on instagram.

Here's my January list

1        1 my son's laugh
          2 beautiful music
          3 my husband telling me I love you
2        4 outside: the chill of a new year
          5 inside: Ian sitting with Ivan by the fire
          6 on a plate: my daily avocado
3        7 my son playing in other room
          8 husband driving up driveway
          9 praise music filling the house
4        10 old: God’s precious Word
          11 new: Ivan learning new things every day
          12 blue: oversized comforter on the bed
5        13 reading: books with my baby
          14 making: his baby quilt
          15 seeing: baby dimples on his hands 

6        16 on your fridge: Pictures of my precious family!
          17 in your heart: Prayers for my friend Ahna who is waiting for a new liver 
          18 in your bag: – verse cards my husband read to me during the delivery of our son. These are absolutely priceless to me

7        19 my husband loves to read books with me! 

          20 my husband gets up and takes care of the first diaper change of the day! 
          21 my husband always makes sure the bathroom stays warm in the morning when he leaves
8        22 dusky light: God told me to paint again today. Can't wait to see what He comes up with! 

          23 surprising reflection: The smiley face on my mug reflected on my plate. Two happy faces instead of one!
          24 lovely shadow: the shadow the crib casts on the wall when it’s dark outside and just the lamp is on
9        25 held: my sweet baby!

          26 sat with || Reading together cuddled in the blanket Grandma made me.

          27 passed by: pictures in my hall

10      28 just right: Ten perfect little toes!

          29 sweet: blackberry coffee syrup. perfect journaling snack
          30 sour: fresh blackberries!

11      31 yellow gift of fresh mercy: Sunrise, faithful every morning 
          32 a yellow gift with fresh mercy: God lit up the dark room 
          33 a yellow gift with fresh mercy Lemonade on a dreary day 

12      34  Love my paisley chair. Best seat in the house. 
          35  Me & Mr Wonderful

          36 Snow!!! 
13      37 I am redeemed

          38 I am healthy
          39 I am American
14      40 birds covering the lawn, and then all take flight at the same time 

          41 when God told me to paint, this is what He drew 

          42 God’s Glory surrounding the painting, bright as could be
15      43 vitamins I and my baby can both benefit from 
          44 because little boy socks are the best ever! 

          45 Giving my time away to fill my role as wife and mother
16      46 last years herb garden continues to fill our spice cabinet & flavor our food 
          47 coffee brewing. Always cheers me up, hearing smelling and seeing it 
          48 my husband reading to our boy as soon as he got home. He didn't even wait to change out of his work clothes!

17      49 Making gobble sounds on his belly

          50 rom 1:5-6 Stopped me in my tracks

          51 prayers for my friend Ahna

18      52 2cor4:7 we are clay, so God shines through 
          53 ps46:10 love it when God gives me scripture in threes: same verse 3x in a day  
          54 Lk 6:27-28

19      55 God totally intervened in the events prior to Ivan’s premature birth

          56 Marriage to Ian – so many things could’ve happened along the way

          57 My sweet friendship with my mother-in-law
20      58 I always marvel at Gods creative hand in the little juice pockets of oranges

          59 My view from snuggle time, baby’s soft sweet face up close
          60 Salt up close – perfect little cubes
21      61 Good morning world!- Beautiful sunrise this morning
          62 Memories I will always get to cherish of my friend Ahna. She's with Jesus now
          63 Living Water – Inspired Words of Scripture finish up my painting
22      64 He just loves playing with this scrubby puff

          65 sugar scrub on my hands. Silky smooth- feels soo good! 
          66 love when he unfolds his fingers and tries to lace them with mine.

23      67 I am chosen. Jn 15:16-19, Eph 1:4, 1Thes 1:4 1Pet 2:9

          68 complete in Him Col2:10 
          69 a new nature 2Cor 5:17 
24      70 little boy overalls

          71 my Eeyore coffee mug. Makes me happy!

          72 Ivan’s beautiful blue eyes

25      73 down payment on our house 

          74 Happy Apple from my friends mom
          75 found my two lost CD’s
26      76 up at 630 like clockwork to feed Ivan. I cherish it bc one day I will miss this. 
          77 gift at noon... meeting great grandparents for the first time

          78 playing with my happy guy
27      79 love the tiles on the kitchen floor 
          80 Dinner in the crock pot – smelling good!
          81 My journaling time. Fix my thoughts on Jesus
28      82 this lovely Shan-Merry print from a friend

          83 My favorite apples given to us because our friends had more than they would eat

          84 The comfiest wicker furniture given to us buy a friend when we got married 
29      85 a song heard/ he really loves this singing puppy... and is learning how to push the buttons

          86 a light seen. / this clock lamp I just love

          87 a soft word. devo content at just the right time Proverbs 15:1
30      88 Proverbs 4:23 Guard your heart with all diligence
          89 Childrens Books from the Library

          90 planted these crocuses last year and glad to see them coming back this year! 
31      91 God gave us such pretty snow to look at today!

          92 watching him see the snow for the first time

          93 3 words others may use to describe you

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