Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Easy Cake Decorating Trick

First, I want to say, this should really only be used for home-cakes. Because of copyright issues I'm pretty sure you could get in trouble if you tried to sell cakes with these kind of decor on it.

That being said, let's have some copy-cat fun!

I got volunteered to do the cake for one of my husband's co-workers' birthday party at work.
My husband's sensible, logical mind had conjured up an image of a 9x13 cake with chocolate frosting.
The end.

My not-always-sensible, let's-make-everything-more-fun mind conjured up an image of what cool thing could we put on this cake??
Mind you, we started talking about it in the evening before the day he was supposed to bring it, so any idea we had was rather last-minute.
Like chocolate. That would've been the simple thing to do.
Probably why I didn't pick it.

I knew this guy is a Dr. Who fan, and so I thought about mixing up some blue icing and putting a Tardis on there. I even thought about making a 3-D Tardis out of graham crackers and royal icing... gingerbread-house style, and decided that really was probably too much work, and that a 2-D Tardis would be just fine.
Then, I'm not really sure how this idea popped in my head, but we then talked about doing an Apple cake. Or, as my husband wanted to call it, the iCake. This guy is also a big Apple fan.
I'm staunchly prejudiced against Apple, for no good reason really, than to pick a side, but please keep your comments of one opinion or the other about the matter to yourself. Or at least just keep them kind. :) Thanks in advance.

Back to the cake. iCake it is.
I probably could've free-handed it, but I wanted it to look exactly right, and I didn't want any "Ohhh. That's supposed to be an Apple. Got it. Uh, thanks." So decided to use this little trick I'm going to pass on to you.

First, find an image you want to use. Simple is better, but can be a little complicated if you're up to it, and if you're up to mixing more colors of icing and all that. But this one is going to be simple.

First, you will get best results if the cake is iced with icing that has had a chance to "crust". You can use the Wilton buttercream recipe, or do like I did this time, and mix some meringue powder into a can of regular icing. I did 1 Tablespoon into 1 can of icing. This way, your icing will not be sticky or gooey anymore, and will be more durable when you're working on it.

Trace it on parchment paper. Wax paper would work fine too. Regular paper probably would too, for that matter.
(yep. tracing on my computer screen again.)

Flip the parchment paper over, and use a fine icing tip or some piping gel and trace the lines.

Then gently position the paper over the cake where you want it.

Gently rub little circles over the icing or piping gel. The warmth from your hands will help it soften and transfer to your cake.

Then remove the paper.

Ta da! Now all you need to do is fill it in.

Then, smooth the filled-in part, being careful not to smear it outside the lines.

The end! That's all there is to it! Have fun... I'd love to see pictures of your cake creations!

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