Sunday, April 7, 2013

Counting 1000 Blessings - April 2013


1        274 Fresh start this morning! #greensmoothie  
          275 Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. This song has been in my heart today. Also, I'm in love with these steps.

          276 The best kind of job can be done in slippers and with coffee. Love working from home
2        277 Daniel study book. Gods word is never vain, but always replete with divine purpose
          278 #romansproject cards
          279 shelves put up in the nursery today! Thankful for help from my brothers & dad!

3        280 these droplets on my tulips  

          281  the SNOW we got today
          282  was able to recite all of my #romansproject Ro 1:1-24 & I didnt think I knew it that well
4        283 Romans 7:4 Counting myself married to Christ.
          284 Romans Project: new verses today- Romans 1:25-26
          285 Radio is broken in the car, so I’m memorizing instead. #Romansproject
5        286 on the road again! It's going to be a good day!

          287 someone is avoiding naptime

          288 Ivan's buddy at the event this weekend

6        289 
my lovely #tulips are blooming soon! I wonder what color they will be this year.
          290 getting big too fast! He will be crawling around before we know it.
what the three long days working with mommy will do to a little guy

7        292 
same tulip from yesterday!

          293 waiting for my nailpolish to dry. I didn't think I would ever like the black, but it's really growing on me 

          294 waiting for Ian to get home. Ivan always likes seeing daddy on the phone while we talk on speakerphone
8        295 temperatures getting warmer so we can walk Daddy back to work after his lunches again

          296 Why hello there, perfect tulip!

          297 this boy raises my spirits!

9        298 Hiding God's Word in my heart- for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks #romansproject
          299 Nothing quite like baby snuggles when you're sick.

          300 his laughter as we play little piggies

10      301 1) first Etsy order! Praise the Lord         
          302 ! 2) love seeing so many different languages in the notes section on #youversion. It blesses my heart! (Loving the Prayer study I'm in with the #shereadstruth gals. Today was such a blessing!)
          303 3) #Danielstudy book: when Christ comes, NOTHING will linger of satan's earthly kingdom
11      304 1) oregano survived the ice
          305 2) new tulips
          306 3) strawberry plants thriving

12      307 I think his feet are officially too big for these socks now
          308 I love this sweater that Ian wears
          309 I love when my hubby goes shopping for me. He picks out such great stuff
13      310 PJ’s I’m wearing. My hubby made breakfast today
          311 the beautiful sky!

          312 this adorable flower
14      313 these paintings made by looking to God the Master Artist
          314 looking to God for wisdom as we raise this precious boy. James 1:5

          315 flowers in the trees over the sidewalk on our walk today

15      316 my #danielstudy book- getting deep into it!
          317 Box full of scents
          318 bag full of Arbonne borrowed for an event (love our teamwork!)
16      319 It’s hardest to be thankful for that which we can see no good in. It is then that my finite mind must give way to God's eternal, perfect plan. #hardeucharisteo

          320 I love pearls because they remind me of the beauty God brings from enduring discomfort.

          321 when loved ones get sick

17      322 God is weaving His-story in a way that we can understand. #Danielstudy reminds me of this quote from #thehidingplace by #corrietenboom ........ When you and I go to Amsterdam, when do I give you your ticket?” “Why, just before we get on the train.” “Exactly. And our wise Father in heaven knows when we're going to need things, too. Don't run out ahead of him.
          323 making baby toys for #redbarnoutdoormarket

          324 this beautiful messy thing we call family

18      325 he got my long fingers and double joints
          326 he's got my sense of fashion. Lol!

          327 creativity from my grandma


19      328 #3giftssquare looks more like 3 gifts round. Or 3 gifts eaten. But anyway. Toast,
          329 froyo,
          330 pizza
20      331 Helping Daddy play Life. Great Goodwill find!

          332 books borrowed from my father in law. Love having access to a pastor's personal library. :))

          333 hats for #redbarnoutdoormarket made from my grandma's and my stash of material
21      334 hope
          335 effective praying
          336 promise of a new body
22      337 Close to pulling himself up!

          338 close to figuring out what God is painting.
          339 close to reaching my order goal!
23      340 four generations of Johnny Cash fans- this boy loves dancing to Get Rhythm. Boy after my own heart.

          341 so incredibly thankful for hot coffee on this freezing day.

          342 makin dinner with my girls

24      343 profiter des tulips avant qu'elles ne fanent completement

          344 this boy. I love taking care of him. We are listening to Winter's come and gone by Gillian Welch... for the fifth time in a row. He cries when its over, until I start it again.

          345 marriage. I got a love letter from my sweet husband reminding me so. I love love letters!

25      346 Sleeping. After being up several times in the night. My sweet husband got up with him every single time.

          347 first trip to the zoo!
          348 monkeys ready for the #redbarnoutdoormarket on Saturday!
26      349 Ivan's watching the cars move
          350 while I watch the storm move in

          351 moved the plants outside so God could water them today. This is how we garden. Little seedlings started in citrus & avocado peels, and we will plant them directly into the ground.

27      352 Why hello there. #talkingmuffin #redbarnoutdoormarket

          353 got stuck in the mud big time. Twice. #goodtimes

          354 didn't have the sales I expected today but praising God for the opportunity to share how He worked in my life

28      355 tulip

          356 #Danielstudy is getting tricky!!
          357 I'm so glad he finally fits his tigger shirt

29      358 decided to enjoy the beautiful day by washing the car

          359 All clean! P.S. why is it always just when I think about cutting my hair that I have a really good hair day?

          360 my sweet honey mowed the grass!

30      361 He loves his bath! (Finally! It only took him 9 months to warm up to the idea)

          362 lasagna for dinner!
          363 gave up a few minutes of working time to sit with Ivan even though he has been just an angel!


  1. Yay! Keep going...awesome job so far. Blessings to you! Love, Rachael @ Inking the Heart (linking with you at Ann's, Tea Time Thanksgiving)

  2. Thanks Rachael! It's been fun, and my husband even helps get in on it too. (And obviously my little guy does too... a lot...) It's a whole family thing.