Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hand-Print Card Tutorial

Great grandmas are wonderful.

Don't you agree?
In fact I could probably just close my post there, and it would still leave you with happy feelings and a positive outlook to your day.

But I won't, because I promised you a tutorial.

Today we made thank you cards for the great-grandmas for birthday money and gifts they sent. (I told you great grandmas are wonderful!)
I wanted to make them instead of buying them, because it seemed a little more personal, and seemed like a good way to get Ivan involved. At this point, he may not know a difference, but it won't be long until he does, and he'll learn the valuable art of gratitude.

This is a quick little project you could work on with your kids.

What you'll need:
sturdy paper - I used colored cardstock
newspaper (a page without color, big print or ads.)
glue stick
stamp pad
marker or another color of stamp pad
(I used a cartoonist's nib similar to this one on Amazon.)


  • Tear up the newspaper into bits about 1-3 inches.
  • Glue them overlapping the edges in random directions to cover one paper. (I used scrap cardstock- you're not going to see it anyway) If you need help, use the same method I used for the drink tray.
  • Take the stamp pad and stamp your child's palm with it until his palm is covered. Stamp pad is much easier and cleaner than paint, but you could do that too, if you're feeling ambitious.
  • Stamp your child's hand onto the newsprint collage you just made. Hold his hand still, and make sure to press down on each little finger to get a good print. Then lift his hand straight off the page and wash it off. Repeat with the other hand.
  • Cut around the hand, leaving about 1/4 " all the way around it. 
  • Cut your 8.5x11 colored cardstock in half, so that you can get two greeting cards out of it. Fold each into card size.
  • Glue the cutout to it on the front, and then write "Thank You" on the front. 

(Optional- If you don't like your handwriting, you could use another color of stamp pad for this and a "thank-you" stamp)

Ta da!

I wrote on the inside what age Ivan's handprint was, in case they're in the habit like I am of saving favorite cards.

VARIATION: Change it up a bit and stamp two colors of hands, gluing two hand cutouts on the front instead of one.
You could also use these for just-because, or birthday cards.

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