Sunday, December 1, 2013

Counting 1000 Blessings - December 2013

1          1006 Boy rapt at seeing lights
            1007 So thankful to have found these! These have been missing since Wednesday. My boy has gotten into the habit of throwing things away and I didn't realize this until this week. Thankfully we figured it out before taking the trash out. I began to have a suspicion that's where his shoes dissapeared to, and there they were in the trash.

            1008 Looking forward to helping with the Apparent Project
2          1009 Joy to me :)

            1010 Monday will be Monday
            1011 Catching up
3          1012 Painting with a purpose
 organ donation painting

            1013 And so it begins. He took this of himself. By himself.

            1014 Hanging his first ornament. ♥

4          1015 Ivan loves Bing Crosby

            1016 Sharing soup
            1017 praying together
5          1018 First snow
            1019 Haiti gifts

            1020 Chasing this little munchkin around.

6          1021 Dark side of the moon
            1022 Writing menus and totally drawing a blank.... why did my hubby want me to start doing 2 weeks at a time? Having a hard enough time doing one.

            1023 I don't know how long he has been able to reach. Stop growing up too fast baby!

7          1024 Five degrees
            1025 Holding hands
            1026 We were excited to show Ivan the Christmas lights... gonna have to start earlier next time.
8          1027 laughter of our boy

            1028 holding said laughing boy
            1029 hung up laundry
9          1030 Silver strands
            1031 Ivan singing as he plays
            1032 Generations and canning
10        1033 Coupon found on the last day I can use it
            1034 Family
            1035 Appointment on time
11        1036 Soft sleeping sounds of my family
            1037 rainbows on my wall from God's sun. A promise for un-rainy days. Thank you Jesus.

            1038 feeling the warm sun on my face on such a collld day.

12        1039 Illuminations with my little family
            1040 chiminea
            1041 Coffee
13        1042 Ten pounds of apples peeled and sliced. Apple butter coming soon!

            1043 Ultrasound! We got to “meet” our new baby!
            1044 Chick-fil-a
14        1045 Christmas party at the church my father-in-law pastors
            1046 Candy canes
            1047 sams friends and family day
15        1048 Yard full of canadian geese
            1049 Church with my boy
            1050 Reading the Christmas story with Daddy. ♥

16        1051 Ivan loves his little penguin
            1052 Little boy singing Christmas carols
            1053 Breakthrough
17        1054 Perfect rainbow sky
            1055 Walk with friends
            1056 First molar
18        1057 Almost there!

            1058 Little blurry but i could only get one pic. This sweetie almost ready for naptime.

            1059 water
19        1060 Apple butter on homemade eggrolls. #brilliant

            1061 Rising homemade crescent rolls
            1062 Gingerbread train

20        1063 friends helping out
            1064 shopping done
            1065 Christmas lunch at work
21        1066 Sixteen weeks

            1067 Saving 27% on maternity clothes, and now having some that fit right
            1068 Staying home on Saturday
22        1069 Getting a look at the snow!

            1070 Very proud of myself. I built and (more importantly) have kept this fire going All by myself. :D usually when I do it they die in an hour or so, or never get very warm.
            1071 Bible Study craving and Italian Wedding Soup craving satisfied

23        1072 Tickles and giggles with daddy ♥

            1073 Sharing

            1074 My little niece!

24        1075 disappointment
            1076 comfort
            1077 answered prayer
25 It’s hard to keep it to just three gifts today. So blessed.
            1078 Twinkle in my son’s eyes
            1079 Blessing others
            1080 Breaking bread and discussing Christ as a family
26        1081 My husband is the best. Milk frother for Christmas. Enjoying my morning so far

            1082 160 triangles cut out and ironed. Chevron Christmas quilt will be a bit late but my goal is to have it done by new years.

            1083 Deals after Christmas
27        1084 This is happening. New JJ Heller from my sweet hubby for Christmas!

            1085 Boy who loves music
            1086 Friday routine
28        1087 Home together
            1088 Should be finished with the quilt tomorrow!

            1089 We have a new buddy for storytime.

29        1090 It's a wonderful afternoon. Quilting, coffee, fire & it's a wonderful life.

            1091 So thankful today for my beautiful red cloak my sister and mother in law made for me for Christmas! It's the warmest ever and even has room for Tiny Rethmeier.

            1092 Church and a better experience with nursery
30        1093 Rocky Balboa impressions in the car
            1094 Little boy giggles
            1095 reliving memories
31        1096 The happy candy that is my best friend right now. #tums

            1097 A game of Catan
            1098 Promise of new

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