Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Writing Challenge

So... I missed the beginning of the month for the 31 day writing challenge, but I'd still like to do it, and the Adrian Monk in me is going to backdate posts til I get caught up.
Sometimes I write deep, sometimes I write candidly, as thoughts enter my mind. There will likely be a mixture of both.

We're supposed to pick a theme to write about for 31 days, starting Oct. 1. I am choosing a rather generic theme "My Life at Home".

I am married, and the mom of two boys, and work from home. I love coffee, Bible study, music, art and working with my hands. You'll get to delve into some of those topics a little deeper with me as we go, but for today we'll stick to a short overview.

I grew up the second oldest in a house with 10 children. My youngest sister was born a couple months before my high-school graduation, and my oldest sister is just 15 months older than I.

I'm no stranger to hard work, though there are days (not unlike this one) where all motivation is squelched by lack of energy. I should have gone to bed earlier last night instead of working on the canning. More on that later. Coffee is in the microwave. It'll probably get warmed up -again- at least three times before I finish the cup. It's not even that big of a cup today.

I love to learn. I think I have a longer bucket list of things I'd like to learn than things I'd like to do. Anything from learning more languages to learning instruments to learning how to make that cool leaf in your coffee.

Oh yeah. My coffee....

I don't have all that great of style. I think I used to, and then I don't rightly know when it happened that I lost it. I just have me-style, and that's gotta be good enough. I do love that free-spirited boho look that's light loose and comfy. My mom says I was born in the wrong decade and should've been a 70s child. She's probably right, except that then I wouldn't have my Ian, and my mom would've probably been my big sister instead of my mom... and a whole lot of other 'excepts'. But back to style. Sometimes what I love and what I actually wear are two very different things- yoga pants just easier some days, you know?

I love about any kind of food. Usually I really really love the sortof ethnic fusion or mashup kinds of meals. Or the pseudo-ethnic versions that Pinterest is full of (and pseudo is completely okay!) but I do love some comfort food now and again, like pot roast, or white bean soup, and yes (of course!) mac-n-cheese.

I will close before this gets too terribly long, but there you go. A little about me that you maybe didn't know before. Let's do this thing! I love the idea of writing for 31 days. I do wish I remembered the two or three more creative topics that I thought of on October 1st (the real one) when I first saw the challenge, but maybe I'll do another one later on?

Now, coffee.

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