Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy Mirror Upcycle DIY Tutorial

Find some mirrors at a thrift store or garage sale. Look for ones that have an interesting texture or pattern. Plain square ones will work fine too, just keep in mind that the texture and shape are the only things that will remain the same, and any nasty or outdated color will go away.

Poof! Just like that. It's wonderful.

Tape off the glass or remove it. Out of the three I did, only one had glass that was removable. Thank goodness it was the oval one, as that would've been a bear to try to tape off.

Paint. You can use spray paint, but I'm a satin-finish kind of gal myself. I like that it's not shiny and glossy, but it's not disgusting flat paint either. I am very opposed to flat paint, as stated in my previous post.

You may have to do several coats. I needed three. I may have only needed two if I had taken the time to stir the paint better... I am still using that can of Oops White I got for the wall decals.

I used a little bit of the yellow canary paint that was left from the wall decals as well. There's still some left in that little container for future painting pleasure.

When it's completely dry, remove the tape and use a razor blade to scrape away any wayward paint. Depending on the tape you used you may also need to use some rubbing alcohol to get away the goo from the tape. My goo was minimal and went away when I used the razor blade. I used frog tape and it worked really well.

Hang and congratulate yourself for a job well done.
TIP: For a mirror collage like this one, play with different arrangements! Keep in mind that you can turn your mirror a different direction than you might be apt at first to hang it. You might be pleased and surprised with the results!

See if you spy these mirrors as photo props in my Etsy shop!

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