Friday, May 3, 2013

Counting 1000 Blessings - May 2013


1        364 tangerine
          365 fried rice (with chopsticks!)
          366 coffee

2        367 my #Danielstudy book - great content today
          368 #romansproject cards- done memorizing first chapter!
          369 lovely note from @missmae1992 on #prettystationery

3        370 Only know one really really difficult person. This difficult person has caused me to search the Scriptures for guidance, comfort, patience, peace, acceptance, and hope.
          371 Gift my choice: My grandmother's birthday is today! She is so wonderful, and is 81 years young today.
          372 Gift my choice: Sweet phone call with said grandma. She is just a joy.
4        373 so its officially time to lower the pack-n-play

          374 inch-high oatmeal pancakes

          375 His & hers Saturday beverage. His: milk. Hers: coffee
5        376 this boy was so very excited for church this morning!

          377 (ok technically its not a sign) this pic for my mother in law turned out *beautifully*! Thank you soo much for this custom order, Traci! If anyone has not had the chance to, you need to go check out her amazing pictures Rich In Blessings Photography

          378 memorizing, sipping and reading on this sweet Sunday #romansproject

6        379 being a parent has really made any references to God as a parent come alive to me. This week on the #shereadstruth study there's one precious verse that stuck out hosea 11:3. Go check it out and let me know if it touches you too!
          380 Mocha Cookie Crumble

          381 Loved! I will always have a home in Him!

7        382 I love the wood counters in the kitchen

          383built-in chest of drawers in two rooms!
          384  our house is the party house... the hub of most family get togethers :) praise Jesus
8        385 What does your morning look like?

          386 Walks with my guys and Starbucks happy hour

          387 These baby curls!

9        388 my sweet friend is in town and she treated me to #bobazone! It has been too long!
          389 Ivan loves Gramma Brenda ♥
          390 been getting up at night again this week- growth spurt maybe??

10      391 him and his cup #whoneedstoys?
          392 walking to daddy's work because it's such a beautiful day

          393 really liked spending part of my evening helping #homeschool my brother & sister in law while their parents are out of state at the Cancer Centers of America.

11      394 they introduced me to coffee. They maybe shouldn't have- I think I have a problem

          395 my sweet sweet mother in law really fulfils this scripture. Prov 31:28 Love her!
          396 My Daddy and his creativity in the kitchen. I am reminded of the game we played most Saturdays- “What did Dad put in the pancakes?”
12      397 Beautiful day to visit the park! He loves the swings

          398 this sweet card from my sister in law made my day!
          399 great goodwill finds today!

13      400 helped me learn to cook
          401 taught me to be frugal
          402 brought me into the world
14      403 trying to get him to smile

          404 me and my love

          405 thrifted this vintage #curiousgeorge book today!

15      406  mama to this sweetie pie

          407 I love vintage books!
          408 sponsor to this giveaway at Created to Glorify
16      409 Psalm 118:24 This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.
          410 Psalm 19:14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord , my rock and my redeemer.
          411 Nehemiah 2:9-20 Knowing God’s will and doing it in spite of negativity around you
17      412 Oklahoma trip! Clothes packed,
          413 arbonne energy drinks in a box (gonna need them!)
          414 book- les miserables by focus on the family- best adaptation ever!

18      415 somewhere in Oklahoma. I love when you see trees in water like this

          416 such a sweetheart. LesMiserables brought him real tears. If you can get your hands on the audio dramatization by Focus on the Family, its fabulous. The redemption theme is so much more prevalent than in the play or movie.

          417 Went to Chickasaw to play in the water, but it was bone-dry when we got there. Will have to call ahead next time to see if there’s any water before we make the trip
19      418 I have loved camping since I was little. Thankful my husband does too, and we will pass this along to our kids. Although camping with a baby is harder than I realized... :)
          419 I remember when my daddy would wash the windows@ the gas station when I was little. Now my husband does it

          420 Watching daddy like I used to watch my daddy. (I missed getting the picture when ian waved at Ivan through the glass but I remember daddy doing that too)

20      421 sweet precious words today. 2Cor47

          422 my hubby makes the best homemade pizza

          423 new hobby - geocaching

21      424 messy hair is cute on little boys

          425 love the chatter from the back seat

          426 ticklish boy!

22      427 this. My hubby egging my sister on, and everybody laughing, and James photo-bombing...

          428 this. Its laugh or cry today. Lets see how much I can drink before its cold again...
          429 he loves music so much. The les miserables soundtrack and stage-type music just put him in a state of awe
23      430 #onebyonechallenge #geocaching

          431 giving blood! Family tradition to all go together. Make an appointment to donate blood today!

          432 family

24      433 these awesome clear envelopes from Mind The Wrap and order of Peace watercolor print going out today!

          434 coffee!! Really needing it today. Yay for Starbucks rewards and free venti mocha
          435 Payday and Chiropractic adjustment for the family
25      436 Study time. The guys are asleep and the house is quiet. #faithspokenof #biblestudy

          437 someone needed to tell him it is Saturday #nosleepingin

          438 allergies
26      439 my #romansproject verse memory cards. Finished chapter 1, on to chapter 8
          440 lil boy pjs
          441 whispered I love you’s over the crib

27      442 Trying on sunglasses made Ivan laugh

          443 Finally fit into my favorite pre-baby capris!
          444 Day with family
28      445 I have the best company as I work! #workfromhome

          446 best job ever! #lovebeingamom // I get to be the one by #jjheller keeps playing in my head these days

          447 Working on putting together the Faith Spoken Of Bible study- getting ready for the big (or little. Whatever God wants it to be) launch on June 3rd.
29      448 reading together. And I think #geocaching started with #drseuss. #justsayin "Look what we found in the park in the dark"

          449 well a bit after noon. Getting my license renewed. Long story. But Ivan has been such a good boy!

          450 sitting with Ivan and Ian during the thunderstorm
30      451 Baby blue eyes

          452 birthday lunch

          453  so these are basically my favorite jeans ever. They are just right and I'm so glad I get to wear them this summer. (Last summer I was preggo and they wouldn't fit. I missed them a lot.)

31      454 boxes given to my friend who’s moving
          455 time to my brother in law to help with his business
          456 milk to my baby


  1. Great list...glad you got to talk to your grandma! The pancakes look delicious :)
    Have a wonderful week!


    1. Thanks, Judy! I'll have to post the recipe for the pancakes sometime- they're so moist they don't need syrup. And yes, visits with my grandma are priceless!
      Thanks for reading!