Monday, May 13, 2013

Giveaway Time!

My sister is beautiful.
Inside and out.
And she is having a birthday!

To celebrate her birthday she is hosting a giveaway on her blog! Such a happier party she will have, don't you think?
I wish I could enter, because there is so much very cute stuff.

Like this great arrow necklace.
I would want to win this one especially because it reminds me how I am the face of an arrow, an arrow tucked into God's quiver. This is a valuable lesson I learned in a life-changing Bible study I was at some years back. Perhaps more on that later?

And some other delights up for grabs:

Two more (there are lots more, I'm just highlighting goodies for you), and I'll let you GO enter the giveaway

bind my wandering heart to Thee - mounted print from said beautiful birthday girl

And one of the inspired paintings God did with me

Go to her blog and enter the giveaway! There are 9 winners- go be one of them!
Love you all, Good luck!

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