Sunday, June 2, 2013

Counting 1000 Blessings - June 2013


1        457 Pearl. My new fish are Pearl & Poisson, and the shrimp are Victor & Hugo.

          458 because sprinkles make the world a better place.

          459 iced tea after a day in the outdoors geocaching for my birthday

2        460  this guy is in such a silly mood!
          461  this goofy book #ClickClackMoo always makes Ivan laugh which in turn makes me laugh. At some point we will use it for an example when we are teaching him about strikes
          462 love to watch him play

3        463 reading On The Night You Were Born and telling Ivan how special he is ♥ #nancytillman

          464 my sweet lovely sister came over for a visit! #eucharisteo necklace from my sweet sister for my birthday!!! Love it!!!

          465 My husband picking up plants for our vegetable garden... with the church we married at in the background ♥
4        466 He is so wise
          467 He is so patient
          468 He is so faithful

5        469 This. My loves swinging, baby’s head lays down on Ian’s chest

          470 hoping for a great crop in this years garden

          471 loved playing in the grass while we worked in the garden

6        472 no makeup, bed hair, jammies; but snuggles make the moment beautiful

          473 he loves butternut squash! Is it silly that I kindof wish he got a little messier when he eats just because I think it's cute?

          474 Green people in The Pickle Town book I am blessed to be able to share with my son. My sister wrote it and I illustrated it.
7        475 1Peter 2:2: craving God, resting in Him. #shereadstruth

          476 1Thes 5:1 be thankful in every circumstance
          477 The losses that puncture our world become places to see through to God #annvoskamp

8        478 I'm running on empty so went for my free birthday drink at Starbucks 

          479 I love his little bath toys. It's nice having a kid around

          480 empty life to make room for God's fullness. #annvoskamp loving this book from my sister for my birthday!
9        481 whenever I let him pick, this is the one. Veggie Tales God Made You Special

          482 he plays with his ears when he's sleepy.

          483 Baby blowing kisses
10      484 Holding my baby and working on Bible Study
          485 walking the little man around the house

          486 I love my life. Working from home is such a blessing.

11      487 Paint Me Away. You are the Artist, paint away my past. I need you to paint me away. At Your feet is where I find grace. I give my heart. This is the day. I need You to paint me away. Brushstrokes remind me of how your mercies flow. Paint my canvas white like winter snow. The easel that showcased all my tainted past now shows the artwork that will always last. I need you to paint me away. At Your feet is where I find grace. I give my heart. This is the day. I need You to paint me away. –Paint Me Away, Nick Fry

          488 Baby's first library program - he enjoyed it so much! The light on his face when he listened
          489 Find Rest painting almost finished
12      490 hand full of blueberries

          491 My Faith Spoken Of Bible study notes all full on the pages

          492 First Small group meeting
13      493 Bird song all morning
          494 Coffee warm and comforting
          495 Cards bringing Joy to a loved one

14      496 Reached over to tickle my baby's arm, and he wanted to hold my hand. Blessed my heart so much.
          497 peels and stems ready for compost
498 so of my husband's brothers the most macho of them all is the biggest marshmallow toward Ivan. Ivan is fast becoming his favorite photo subject

15      499 loving the #shereadstruth #1peter study. 2 nuggets today, 1pet4:13-14  sharing our suffering with Christ
          500 1 Pet14:19 trusting our lives to Him because He never fails us
          501 my #romansproject emphasizing that we have the spirit of Christ in us.

16      502 Great Grandpa saying to my son “We are just a good pair, aren’t we?”
          503 Crackle of fireworks
          504 Last moments and promise of reunion
17      505 He cooks creatively
          506 Wisps of dark hair among the grey, remembering it the other way around
          507 The way his eyes crinkle when he laughs
18      508 Holding me
          509 Molding me
          510 Forgiving me
19      511 picking up after him. Glad he chooses books instead of toys.

          512 Delighted to delight him.
          513 Work-weary and feeling accomplished

20      514 welcoming my friend’s new baby
          515 Loving his first time swimming
          516 Picnic and toys at Grandma’s
21      517 Soft breaths in morning light
          518 Eyelashes looking red in the sunlight
          519 Swimming in sunset light
22      520 Hot.
          521 War
          522 History
23      523 Healing found only through Christ
          524 Painting again
          525 New baby born! Welcome, new niece!
24      526 we got to do a Google hangout with my sister and new niece!!
          527 Showing Ivan the water lilies
          528 The white push-toy helping Ivan walk. He loves it!
25      529 daddy reading the #jesusstorybookbible early birthday present
          530 drinks with my hubby ♥ #Starbucks
          531 My sweet father-in-law always on call for advice for the garden
26      532 Poor sweaty boy with the washcloth we use to keep cool. #acbroken
          533 Little boy swimsuit
          534 Cotton T-Shirt
27      535 Swimming to keep cool♥
          536 New Valencia orange Starbucks Refresher = yum!
          537 storm, sky and wind
28      538 Wedding cake bits
          539 Strawberries
          540 Warm coffee and iced tea
29      541 Little boy dress clothes get me every time ♥
          542 First wedding cake I've made - likely the last, but grateful for the opportunity and experience.
          543 White. This skirt I got from a lady I used to know is one of my favorites, because it's practically perfect in every way.
30      544 Encouragement and congratulations
          545 Time
          546 Sweet snuggles and kisses on the head for time that passes too fast

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